Today is Blue Monday

It is the third Monday in January and the concept first surfaced when Sky Travel released the term during a PR stint to encourage people to book holidays. Although the cold, rainy and dark weather can make this time of year especially difficult, the beginning of the year can also signal new opportunities and beginnings. Not least, it does make for a good excuse to book a holiday…

Here are some ideas of how employers and managers can support their employees and boost morale during the January Blues:

  1. Plan a team meeting focusing on the year ahead. Discuss with your team about their personal and professional goals for the year. Plan some fun team-building activities and social events for your calendar. Allow your staff to be involved in the planning process for the year ahead and reflect on the positives from the previous year.
  2. Support employees’ mental health. Ensure that your employees are aware of resources at work to support their mental health. Encourage open communication between employees and managers.
  3. Show appreciation and empathy. Showing employees that they are valued and their hard work is appreciated. This can boost morale.
  4. Set goals. Help employees set realistic goals and discuss goals with your team to ensure employees do not feel pressured about hitting targets that are not realistic following the holiday season.
  5. Encourage self-care. Encourage employees to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. You can plan exercise challenges or company wide events to encourage self-care.

Blue Monday is an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health issues and remind everyone that it’s okay not to be okay. It is also important to remember that mental health issues could be a protected characteristic and should be recognised and managed all year round.

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